Ibumie Penang White CurryMee

Carton Configuration 12 bundles x 4’s x 105g
Description Ibumie Penang White CurryMee will definitely tickles your taste buds! Its rich and creamy broth, being spiced up with appetizing chili paste which enhances the overall flavor, making it more fragrant and spicier. A bowl of pipping hot and extremely delightful Ibumie Penang White CurryMee is identical to the taste of Penang local famous curry mee stalls.
Ingredients Noodle, Seasoning Powder, Creamer and Paste.

Ibumie Penang Har Mee

Carton Configuration 12 bundles x 5’s x 85g
Description Penang HarMee is an authentic and traditional Malaysian favourites which you can enjoy now in an instant noodles packet. It has the signature aroma & taste of original prawn noodles soup from the food heaven of Penang Malaysia.
Ingredients Noodle, Seasoning Powder, Seafood Sauce, Seasoning Oil, Vegetable Pack

Ibumie LadaMee

Carton Configuration 12 bundles x 5’s x 75g
Description Ibumie LadaMee stands strong with its unique flavour, a well-know hot pepper taste. The mixture of salt, pure Sarawak pepper and fish sauce goes well to create the great taste of Ibumie LadaMee.
Ingredients Noodle, Seasoning Powder, Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce

Ibumie Ala MisoMee

Carton Configuration 12 bundles x 5’s x 80g
Description Ibumie Ala MisoMee serve in light clear soup is value added with the dehydrated “Wakame”. “Wakame” is an edible brown seaweed that usually found in Japanese meal such as Miso Soup. It contains lots of nutrients & minerals. This is a definitely the family’s choice!
Ingredients Noodle, Seasoning Powder, Seasoning Oil, Soy Sauce, Dried Packet Dehydrated Vegetable